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LMI Stands Out From the Competition as a Preferred Provider of Custom Compounds

Popular rubber manufacturing newspaper Rubber & Plastics News recently visited LMI Custom Mixing at their Cambridge, Ohio manufacturing facility to learn how LMI combines expertise and state-of-the-art equipment to provide world-class products to its customers in the custom mixing market.

The article, published in March 2020, details LMI’s recent $17 million investment in new office space and production capacity, as well as their precise control of their processes. In addition to more “people space” such as break rooms, offices, and training rooms, the expansion provided LMI a 50% increase in production capacity.

LMI leverages the new capacity to its full potential by staying committed to its tried and true processes. With strong control at every step, including formula development, inventory tracking, automatic data collection and more, LMI produces consistent, reliable compounds. LMI considers custom mixing to be an artform, with technical experts combining art with chemistry, engineering and physics to provide extremely customized solutions.

These factors allow LMI to stand out from the competition and remain a preferred provider of custom rubber compounds, an industry expected to grow:

“Because custom mixing can address specific product needs for a given application around performance, often with less weight and lower overall cost, Nixon said he sees a trend of fabricators “leaning heavily on custom mixers for their expertise in compounding and mixing.” [Excerpt from Rubber & Plastics News]

The LMI team was excited and honored to be featured. “Our employees are amazing leaders and innovators,” said Jim Nixon, LMI General Manager. “Together we are able to provide the world-class service and products our customer’s trust. Thank you to Rubber & Plastics News for highlighting the results of our team’s dedication. We’re very proud to serve our partners.”

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About LMI Custom Mixing

LMI specializes in mixing custom rubber compounds, with intermeshing mixing lines that provide optimum dispersion for dense rubber compounds and sponge rubber compounds.

LMI is committed to selecting the right materials based on your specific application and needs.

To find out more information on EPDM, Neoprene, NBR, NBR/PVC, SBR, Polybutadiene, Natural Rubber, CPE, CSM, AEM, FKM, and more call LMI at 877-564-7822

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