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Tube and Pipe Services and Lauren International announce strategic partnership and acquisition of Valv-Trol

(Stow, Ohio – November 19, 2020) Tube and Pipe Services (a St. Jude Automation company) have partnered with Lauren International, Ltd. (New Philadelphia, OH) to revitalize a well-known name in the industrial valves and controls industry, The Valv-Trol Company of Stow, Ohio. Valv-Trol designs and repairs proprietary and custom-engineered high-pressure industrial valves with products in a number of markets across North America.

Founded in 1947 by Robert E. (Bob) Ingram, Deloss O. Brown, and A. Dee Grover, Valv-Trol has worked with a variety of industries to develop components for high-pressure industrial valves and controls. Valv-Trol had most recently been led by Kenneth R. Ingram, the son of Bob Ingram, who was interested in partnering with a company that valued the legacy his family had created.

“We haven’t forgotten our roots, and still give superior personal service to our customers in the rubber, water hydraulics, high pressure spray and deburr industries,” says Ingram. “The Valv-Trol team has seen many difficult industrial applications over the years, and we look forward to sharing our expertise and experience so that Valv-Trol can grow for another 73 years and beyond.”

The Valv-Trol name will live on through this new partnership which is set to expand the business and revitalize the product offerings across all markets. Lauren International will provide administrative, marketing, and strategic support of Valv-Trol, while Tube and Pipe Services will handle day-to-day business operations out of the current location in Stow, Ohio.

According to Chuck Garrett and Mark Lukowski, Managing Partners, “We are excited about our partnership with Lauren International. We look forward to continuing to service the industry that we love with high-quality, highly-engineered valves from our new Valv-Trol LLC company.”

The addition of the Valv-Trol product line to Tube and Pipe Services and Lauren International portfolios will allow continued expansion across new markets. Hydrostatic testing of pipe and hose is a growing industry which demands rugged valves that can withstand pressures as high as 30,000 PSI. Valv-Trol has been a trusted name for decades in providing components that extend valve life, minimize corrosion, and cut back on erosion damage. Tube and Pipe Services and Lauren International are dedicated to maintaining that same level of customer support that Valv-Trol customers are accustomed to experiencing.

About The Companies

Lauren International LTD

Lauren International, Ltd. is based in New Philadelphia, Ohio, and operates within numerous global markets. Lauren’s diverse group of companies operate with a shared vision for lean operations, focused on a better tomorrow, and include Smart Way Communications, Lauren AgriSystems, Retail Product Solutions, LMI Custom Mixing, Flite Test, Flite Test Community Association, Valv-Trol and 2 real estate companies. 

St. Jude Automation & Tube and Pipe Services

As a Massillon, Ohio based company, we provide automation and electrical engineering services for many industrial processes. Through our Tube and Pipe Services division, we provide expert mechanical design, engineering services, and fabrication of custom machinery used in tube and pipe production facilities.


Valv-Trol has been operating out of Stow, Ohio for the past thirty years and offers engineering, manufacturing, custom design, and stock replacement parts for a variety of valves and controls used in numerous industries. Valv-Trol continues to offer solutions for hydrostatic pressure testing of pipe and hose and is the perfect partner for machine builders in high pressure applications such as hydro-excavation and sewer cleaning. Find out more about Valv-Trol and their valves on their website.

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