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Lauren International is a vertically integrated company with a horizontal perspective among our diverse businesses that are united by the same goal: to bring the latest innovations to their respective industries using the most advanced technology.

About Lauren International

At Lauren, business is more than a scorecard of the last 90 days. Progress is reflected in:
We approach challenges with the belief that when we focus on the process, the results will take care of themselves. This long-term perspective enables us to work together to achieve more than we thought possible.


Our management team actively pursues new acquisitions, technologies and business ideas through progressive leadership. Combined with sustained organic growth, this allows us to advance as a family of companies and as people.


In our lean culture, we empower the individuals working closest to a process to apply fresh ideas and drive continuous improvement. Through creative thinking, the freedom to try a new approach and a collaborative mindset, employees can accomplish even more than they may realize.
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