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Lauren Manufacturing Poised for Bright Future After Reporting Record Sales for 2013

Lauren Manufacturing today announced record sales for 2013 and predicted strong growth ahead for 2014.

According to Lisa Huntsman, president of Lauren Manufacturing, last year’s strong sales and an optimistic outlook for 2014 result from a combination of reinvestment and productivity improvements, proactive customer initiatives and strategic sales programs designed for diversification across a broad market spectrum.

“Our customer base is spread among three primary sectors inherent to economic growth throughout North America and international business”, explained Huntsman. “These include Vehicles and Transportation, Building and Construction, and Containers and Emerging Markets. As we evaluate our customer relationships we are matching our strengths in materials research, engineering and operational excellence with customer needs. We also monitor our customer portfolio to ensure a balance of customers to mitigate any short-term market interruptions. The resulting stability helps insulate Lauren Manufacturing from fluctuations in any one market sector, and improves our sustainability.”

Lauren Manufacturing has remained diligent in controlling all cost structures in our business to ensure on-going competitiveness in the market place. This cadence has not only helped Lauren’s profitably grow, but continues to allow us to reinvest back into our company for the future.

“The combination of a dedicated workforce, customer partnerships and a robust product development program has positioned Lauren Manufacturing to lead the market in providing customer solutions”, adds Huntsman. “Our consultative sales model focuses on material science and an innovative technical team that not only sells what we make, but what we know. When our customers view us as problem solvers, our relationships strengthen and our value to them continues to increase.”

Huntsman cites the Caterpillar Supplier Quality Excellence Process Platinum Award presented to Lauren Manufacturing in 2013. “When a $65 billion dollar company recognizes us as one of their top suppliers and keys to their success, we know we’re on the right track”, she emphasizes. “We are constantly adopting new strategies and integrating new information into our operations to offer one-of-a-kind client service and advanced technical solutions.”

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