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Drill Scenarios – A Powerful Tool at Your Fingertips

Lauren Innovations, which develops NaviGate Prepared, a proven school safety emergency response system, has recently partnered with Safe Havens International, the world’s leading non-profit campus safety organization, to create a powerful new safety tool.

Drill Scenarios offers audio descriptions of realistic emergencies as well as simulations and tabletop exercises that can help schools prepare these situations.

Lauren Innovations is passionate about school safety and values the importance of practicing school drills to better prepare staff and students in the event of an emergency. Implementing Drill Scenarios as part of safety drills increases staff and student engagement and encourages out-of-the-box resolution thinking. It also can uncover weak areas in a school safety plan.

Lauren Innovations recognizes that individuals other than the school principal will most likely be required to initiate the response to an emergency. Providing a staff member with a scenario, such as “There are smoke and flames coming from the ceiling tiles in your classroom. What would you do?’” puts the drill in context. Having staff members take actions such as pulling the fire alarm, calling 9-1-1 and alerting others in the building helps them become better prepared to respond.

“The ability to remain calm and respond effectively in an emergency makes all the difference—and that can only come from knowledge, practice and preparation,” said Thom Jones, NaviGate Prepared, General Manager

Learn more about Drill Scenarios or read more in this recent white paper, “Improving School Safety with Enhanced Drills.”.

About Safe Havens International

Safe Havens International is a global non-profit school safety center and a leading authority on prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery strategies for K-12 and Higher Ed. Executive Director Michael Dorn is a popular writer, speaker, and media commentator on these topics, and is best known for his widely-referenced books, “Weakfish: Bullying Through the Eyes of a Child,” and “Jane’s Safe School Planning Guide for All Hazards.” Safe Havens analysts have extensive experience worldwide in providing practical and effective services to help make schools safer, better prepared for emergencies, and more efficient at the very process of education. The organization has proudly served state and federal government agencies, lawmakers, school districts, and their communities throughout the United States, and in Central America, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East

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