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LMI Custom Mixing Completes Third Phase of a $17M+ Facility Expansion in Southeastern Ohio

The state-of-the-art U.S. based rubber mixing facility increases manufacturing capacity as well as shipping, storage, and office space as part of a three-phase, multi-year expansion driven by ongoing customer growth and continued support from the local community in Cambridge, Ohio.

Expansion of the rubber mixing facility included:

-28,000 square feet of climate-controlled raw material warehousing space

-18,000 square feet of climate-controlled finished goods warehousing space

-14,000 square feet of finished office and additional space

-Addition of a third mixing line, increasing production capacity for rubber compound by 50%

-Upgraded production control systems

-Continued investment in LMI’s customer base, community, and employees

(CAMBRIDGE, Ohio – Dec 13, 2019) LMI Custom Mixing, a custom polymer and rubber mixing company, recently completed the final phase of a three-phase, multi-year expansion of its facility, marking a total investment of $17M to increase manufacturing capacity and improve frontline efficiency. The facility expansion includes 28,000 square feet of climate-controlled finished goods warehousing space, 18,000 square feet of climate-controlled finished goods warehousing space, 14,000 square feet of finished office space, and an additional mixing line that increased production capacity by 50%. Jim Nixon, General Manager LMI Custom Mixing, said, “This expansion has been spurred by ongoing customer growth but sustained through our continued support from the community. We had the choice in 2015 to invest in our current facility or expand our operations elsewhere, and we chose to reinvest in our community.”

The goal of the expansion was to bring LMI’s customers the most advanced and highest quality compounds. “Our intention has always been to do what is best to serve our customers most effectively,” continued Nixon. “We forecasted an increase in product demand and completed this expansion to meet that need and help our customers succeed.”

The initial facility expansion began in 2015 to provide more space for product shipping and finished goods storage. In 2016, the second phase included a additional raw material warehousing, and a third mixing line, which were completed in 2017. The additional capacity allows LMI Custom Mixing to be more agile and responsive to customers’ needs.

The final phase, completed in 2019, incorporated additional office space, an employee breakroom, and front entrance area. LMI Custom Mixing also implemented upgrades to various plant systems and operating procedures to ensure additional efficiencies. “We have continued to re-invest in the business in areas that are less visible, such as upgrades to our plant control systems and material handling infrastructure,” said Nixon. “Leveraging the new space and utilizing lean manufacturing techniques has significantly improved plant safety and efficiency by optimizing our material storage and handling capabilities.”

In addition to supporting customers and employees, the LMI Custom Mixing expansion affects the local community, which will reap long-term benefits from the investment for years to come. The expansion led to additional job openings and provides ongoing tax revenue to support local schools, repair city and county infrastructure, and highlight the strong manufacturing capabilities of Southeastern Ohio.

LMI Custom Mixing continues to operate at the cutting edge of a rapidly changing industry by focusing on smart, effective investments. “Very few companies, if any, in the U.S. custom mix market have invested back into their business at this level,” said Nixon.

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