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Lauren Innovations Shares School Safety Tips Around the U.S.

Lauren Innovations, which develops NaviGate Prepared, a proven school safety emergency response system, has scheduled a series of speaking sessions with school safety advocates who are ready to share their valuable knowledge and experiences. From conferences to workshops to best practices, Lauren Innovations can be found all over the United States sharing actionable insights for safety program improvements.

Michael Dorn, Safety Summit School administrators and first responders are invited to join one of eight upcoming Safety Summit Workshops focused on K–12 safety best practices led by the nation’s leading school safety expert, Michael Dorn, executive director at Safe Havens International. Click here to learn more and find a location near you.

Alissa Parker, co-founder of Safe and Sound Schools, will kick off the Insurance Accounting & Systems Association (IASA) pre-conference by sharing her personal story and recounting the lessons she learned on December 14, 2012 and in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook School tragedy. This parent’s perspective provides unique insight and inspiration for parents, administrators, school staff, emergency responders and community members who strive to make their schools safer.

Thom Jones, general manager at Navigate Prepared, will discuss the best practices for school emergency preparedness planning and offer actionable solutions for implementing these practices. In his presentation, he will provide the tools to train and equip staff prior to emergencies, update and implement school safety plans, strengthen partnerships with local first responders and enhance communication during a drill or crisis.

Madison Local Schools Superintendent, Curtis Philpot, will offer lessons learned during the shooting at Madison Jr/Sr High School in 2016. He will discuss the safety enhancements that the school made afterwards and how these strategies can provide insight for other emergency preparedness programs.

Michael Marassa, director of technology at Gayslake Community High School District 127, will stress the importance of testing the fidelity of a school’s safety plan through the use of drills. He will share tools to engage staff during drills, uncover possible gaps in emergency plans and improve documentation efforts.

Click here to see Lauren Innovations’ complete lineup of conferences.

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