Jim Hummel

Vice President of Human Resources, Lauren International

Jim Hummel was named vice president of Lauren International Human Resources in August 2016. He recently served as president of Lauren Innovations from late 2014–2016.

With an extensive background in safety and training, Hummel has been responsible for many of Lauren’s innovative programs in the areas of health, safety, employee retention, and education. During his tenure, he has worked to develop employee wellness programs that have reduced health and workers’ compensation-related expenses.

Hummel first served as production manager at Lauren Manufacturing before accepting the role of director of human resources in 1993. In 1998, he was appointed vice president of human resources for Lauren International, a position he held through 2014. After serving as president of Lauren Innovations from 2014–2016, Hummel returned to Lauren International’s human resources department as vice president.

In recognition of his company- and community-associated health and safety efforts and his positive impact on workers compensation claims and education, Hummel was one of 11 people appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) Board of Directors in 2007. He served a 4-year term, focusing on BWC policies and operational performance.

"Our leadership team from the top is an incredible team, they’re honest, they’re open, they’re caring, and they give opportunity. It’s what sets us apart."

Jim Hummel