Dave Gingrich

Chief Financial Officer Emeritus

David Gingrich was appointed chief financial officer/treasurer of Lauren International in 2002. He joined Lauren International in 1997 as an assistant treasurer and went on to become director of finance for Lauren Manufacturing in 1998.

In his role as chief financial officer at Lauren, Gingrich holds management responsibilities for the company’s finance, information technology and accounting functions.

With more than 30 years experience in accounting and finance, Gingrich spearheaded Lauren’s Lean Accounting concept to support Lauren’s Lean Manufacturing process. Gingrich’s approach to Lean Accounting enables Lauren to better capture the performance of all their business unit operations, and positively impact the company’s accounting, control, measurement and management processes.

"Now we’ve grown to where we have 9 divisions and each of those divisions is different from the others. Building the diversification within the company, has really added a lot of personal satisfaction and a lot of excitement to my job."

Dave Gingrich