Lauren International

Lauren International is a diverse family of companies ranging from rubber and plastics manufacturing to school safety software to R/C hobby flight. We lead our industries through creativity and lean thinking, and we’re passionate about innovation in manufacturing and new technologies.


Through our culture of lean thinking and safety, we continuously improve by encouraging employees to have fun and take risks. To make mistakes and learn. To think creatively. To collaborate and gain a new perspective. Because when our employees are empowered to take risks, we can accomplish things we never thought possible. 

LMI Custom Mixing

LMI Custom Mixing creates custom polymer compounds that are used in a variety of markets. Through extensive R&D capabilities, LMI gets manufacturers the right compound solutions for their needs.

Lauren AgriSystems

Lauren AgriSystems is the industry expert in polymer products for dairy farm operations, specializing in advanced products that protect the health of dairy cows.

Lauren Innovations

Lauren Innovations’ flagship software, NaviGate Prepared®, is a virtual safety response tool to develop and execute an effective K–12 school safety plan, simply.

Flite Test

Flite Test provides educational online content for those who love R/C hobby flight as well as affordable R/C aircraft products that empower customers to build, fly, crash and repeat.