Tactical thinking as a cultural value

At Lauren International, a smart, strategic approach drives nearly every business decision we make. From research and development to implementing lean manufacturing processes, we take a tactical approach to the growth of our company and our partners. 

Research & Development

Research and development are the cornerstones of success for Lauren International and its customers. Staying ahead of customer needs requires us to invest heavily in technical advancements that will solve tomorrow’s issues today.

Central to our research function is a team of technical experts who are focused on cutting-edge solutions for customer advancement and continuous improvement as a core cultural value across all Lauren International companies. Customers rely on Lauren International to be ahead of the curve in terms of quality, performance and efficiency. Our dedication to technical expertise paired with our intense market knowledge assures them of this. 

Green Industries & Alternative Energy

With companies around the globe focused on sustainability, Lauren’s research and development into energy-efficient products and technologies has been extremely useful to customers. As they move to make their own products more sustainable and planet friendly, Lauren International already has the expertise available to help them get there – from the most energy-efficient product solutions to on-staff technical experts who work with a customer’s internal staff to maximize their green initiatives – effortlessly.

Lean Manufacturing

Our subsidiaries have made a commitment to embracing the principles of Lean manufacturing and continuous improvement in each facet of their enterprises. It is with this focus that we truly pursue excellence each and every day, helping companies bring better products more quickly to market.

Continuous improvement through Lean manufacturing principles involves the relentless elimination of waste in every business process – from order entry to manufacturing and from assembly to shipping and billing. This ensures that high quality products – in the correct quantity, at the right time – are delivered to the customer at the greatest possible value.

Through our dedication to continuous improvement, we continually charge employees and leadership alike with the responsibility of noting where processes, business practices and systems need improving. Our goal is to always increase efficiency and adapt our business to our customers’ ever changing needs.


As a vertically integrated company, we have access to unprecedented resources that not only contribute to our growth, but also to the growth of our customers. These resources are core to developing new markets through diverse global partnerships, innovative products and solution-oriented approaches.

As thought leaders in new approaches, we are constantly innovating to deliver ever-increasing customer value. A dedication to sustainable, ongoing growth for Lauren International and for our customers, is a core principle of our management team.