We aren’t afraid to break the rules. Our environment and culture support risk-taking to enable us to innovate. We reward creative thinking, recognize hard work and challenge ourselves to continuously improve.

We empower employees, departments and businesses to collaborate so we can grow individually and as Lauren International.

Our tactical approach to growth is built on a foundation of innovation, research and development, lean thinking and continuous improvement.

"There’s nothing more important than seeing people at all levels of an organization grow and succeed."
- Kevin Gray, CEO of Lauren International


Innovation is at our core. Our founder, Dale Lauren Foland, took risks and broke the rules to develop innovative products and processes. At Lauren International, we live by this philosophy every day.


As a vertically integrated company, we have access to extensive resources that not only contribute to our growth, but also to the growth of our customers.

Research & Development

Our sophisticated R&D enables us to anticipate and stay ahead of customer needs. We invest in advanced technologies that keep us ahead of the curve in quality, performance and efficiency.

Lean Thinking

We embrace the principles of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement across our companies. This mindset drives us to take risks and think creatively to solve our customers’ problems.