Positioned to lead.

As a horizontally integrated company with strategic global relationships, we stay ahead of global market trends to bring solutions that are revolutionary. We continually reinvest in our business and constantly adjust to marketplace needs. As a result, we are on the cusp of technological and engineering advancements.

Vehicle & Transportation

From automotive OEMs and aftermarket customers, to recreational vehicles and everything in-between, Lauren International supplies high-quality, high-performance sealing solutions. If it moves on land or water, it probably uses custom-engineered seals from Lauren Manufacturing.

Our products help manufacturers eliminate waste in the assembly and manufacturing process by providing fully integrated solutions that help them achieve efficiency and speed-to-market. Manufacturers count on us to provide these products and services in a manner that is easily integrated into their own operations. Lauren excels at offering seamless integration into our customers' assembly processes, with just-in-time logistics and more. 

Wastewater Management and Water Treatment

Knowing our ability to engineer revolutionary polymer solutions, Lauren International believes in investing in solutions that would help enhance human life around the world. According to the World Water Council, the challenge to resolve the issue of water management and wastewater treatment affects not only the water community, but also decision-makers and every human being. Lauren takes this responsibility seriously and is researching how its polymer products can play a role in modernizing water and wastewater infrastructures. Lauren International is committed to making the issue of wastewater treatment its business and is working to do its part in resolving a global issue. 

Lighting Enclosures

Lauren develops innovative, energy-efficient polymer seals that protect outdoor lighting fixtures from changing temperatures, dust, and moisture. Lauren International teams work closely with fixture manufacturers to provide polymer technology that advances the capabilities of fixture design. Our seal performance and endurance has kept Lauren at the top of this industry and ensures customers return, time and again, for the same proven service. 

Building & Construction

Lauren International provides highly engineered solutions for the diverse building and construction market with a broad array of products for residential and commercial applications. The products developed for the building and construction industry demand optimum designs with the strictest tolerance to ensure the best sealing capabilities. Throughout its 40-year presence in this industry, Lauren International has proven that it is the company to turn to when innovation is needed.

In addition, Lauren Manufacturing offers customers the most innovative sealing solutions from custom curtain wall seals to standard garage door seals. Using the finest energy-efficient materials and working diligently to design the profile that delivers thermally protective watertight seals, Lauren Manufacturing offers the latest in polymer science, combined with outstanding technical service and customer support. 


Our polymer expertise has led us to bring unique solutions to the dairy farming industry, from polymer-based flooring to advanced milk collection systems that protect the health of dairy cows. Lauren AgriSystems has flourished to become the industry expert in dairy farm operations. 

Enclosures & Containers

Lauren excels in developing high-performance sealing solutions that meet the rigorous requirements of polymers used in the storage of chemicals, compounds and materials for a variety of industries. Lauren products are key components used for secure storage of highly technical and extremely sensitive instrumentation and other such valuables. Lauren’s product attributes contribute to the safe storage and handling of containers used on a daily basis. 

Future Markets

As technology in these and other emerging markets continue to grow and evolve, Lauren International is positioned to respond quickly with innovative solutions.