Crossing markets and borders

Through strategic partnerships, industry leadership and the utilization of established channels, Lauren International has established itself as a developing presence across the world.

In the diverse regions of Canada, Mexico and the United States, Lauren International's subsidiaries have developed programs and implemented processes to drive innovation for customers. Lauren International's subsidiaries strive to stay ahead of global markets through a worldwide network of strategic partners that are dedicated to developing progressive solutions and providing strategic counsel to customers.

Throughout North America, our subsidiaries have formed substantial relationships to achieve optimal market penetration and leading-edge product development. Because of this dedication, our subsidiaries Lauren Manufacturing are renowned as thought leaders in their industries throughout North America.

North America

United States

Lauren Manufacturing

Lauren Manufacturing is a leading manufacturer of custom-engineered extruded and molded polymer sealing solutions with North American customers in the transportation, window and door, appliance, construction, electronics and many more markets. Regardless of the industry or market, Lauren's capabilities and technical knowledge make it possible to engineer a unique solution for any customer. Lauren Manufacturing is dedicated to product and process innovation and works to integrate its processes seamlessly into customer operations for a total solutions approach.

Lauren AgriSystems

When Lauren International recognized a need in the dairy industry for improvement in the health and productivity of dairy cows, Lauren AgriSystems was founded to bring unique polymer solutions to the industry. Today, Lauren AgriSystems is providing leading technology to the dairy industry through research and innovation. Lauren AgriSystems established an 400-cow research dairy farm in Ohio to closely monitor the impact of its products, and has flourished to become the industry expert in dairy farm operations. The company works to improve the dairy industry through new milking processes and materials, herd health products and farming best-practices.

LMI Custom Mixing

A joint venture between Lauren International and Meteor Gummiwerke of Germany, LMI Custom Mixing puts the finest quality polymers at the fingertips of all Lauren International subsidiaries. LMI Custom Mixing strives to stay at the forefront of the polymer industry, continually developing compounds that replace old methods and move industries in new directions.

Lauren Plastics

Bringing the potential of polymers to multiple markets has always been Lauren International's focus. Therefore, it established Lauren Plastics to unlock the possibilities of highly engineered solutions using thermoplastic materials and many value-added services to create a competitive edge for its customers.


Lauren International has forged substantial partnerships within Canada, several of which have perpetuated market penetration and ultimately, product development in several markets, including transportation and window and door. The company’s unique horizontal perspective has served its growth efforts. Additionally, Canada's diverse regions yield endless opportunities, specifically for Lauren Manufacturing, Lauren Plastics. All three companies continue to leverage long-standing relationships to drive market leadership in innovation and sustainable design.

Lauren AgriSystems has emerged as a player in the Canadian dairy industry with customers and a dealer network that spans the country’s primary agricultural regions.


Lauren International's strong representation on behalf of Lauren Manufacturing in Mexico City further exemplifies our commitment to bringing quality services at competitive pricing to an international market. Lauren maintains an extensive supplier network in Mexico and is continually exploring business opportunities in the country’s building and construction, automotive, agricultural, electronics, appliance and many other markets. We believe in the power of innovation, and are committed to the exploration of global markets that best serve our customers. Our presence in this unique region demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of international trends, products and processes.

Central & South America

Central & South America

Defining diversity, Central and South America offer Lauren International several avenues for product development and research. In addition, this region is ideal for several of the company’s flagship products. 

Major automakers in Brazil and Argentina, agriculturally rich Venezuela, Brazil, Columbia and Argentina, and heavy industrial and building and construction markets create opportunities for plastics, rubber, window and door products, industrial drums and barrels, and agricultural solutions from Lauren subsidiaries.

Lauren International is currently exploring a sales office here to meet this rising demand.


The United Kingdom

Global Partnerships 

Lauren International has established a strong presence in the United Kingdom.

Supply Chain Integration 

Incorporating the assets of its divisions and global relationships, Lauren International stays ahead of industry trends in multiple markets in order to create revolutionary solutions. Recognizing the impact its divisions have on their respective industries, Lauren International draws on this bank of knowledge to continually innovate, giving a competitive edge to its worldwide customer base.

Lauren International subsidiary, LMI Custom Mixing, established a joint venture with Meteor Gummiwerke of Bockenmen, Germany, to specialize in custom polymer mixes to meet the ever changing needs of the global marketplace.

Virtually all of Lauren’s subsidiaries have built a customer base inGermany, specifically within the country’s robust automotive and building and construction industries. 

Ukraine & Turkey

Trusted Resources 

Lauren International brings to customers the benefit of trusted relationships around the world. Building on this history of experience in global commerce, as well as on its dedication to establishing new relationships with distributors and manufacturing facilities, Lauren International assists customers with building their businesses in every part of the world.



The world’s second largest and second most populous continent, Africa is rich in opportunities that align perfectly with our companies’ capabilities, in both existing and potential markets. Lauren International is currently exploring all of these possibilities as it evaluates future ventures.

Specifically, Lauren International is exploring opportunities within water management technology, energy, chemical, industrial, and building and construction for a number of its subsidiaries.

Asia & Russia

Asia & Russia

The world’s largest and most populous continent with an average growth rate of eight percent, Asia represents significant opportunities for Lauren International and its customers. It is the third largest economy after North America and Europe with strong manufacturing ties.

Lauren International has established a network of supply partners to help manufacture, sell and distribute subsidiaries’ products in industrial and building and construction markets, while exploring tremendous growth opportunities in many other industries. 

Asia & Middle East

India & Thailand

Strategic Partnerships

Lauren International and its customers benefit from strategic supply partnerships and distributors based throughout this region to support business activity with all of Lauren’s subsidiaries, primarily Lauren Manufacturing. Lauren International has aligned its manufacturing strategies around emerging opportunities in several markets served by its subsidiaries in India and Thailand.

Dubai & The Middle East

Global Presence

Expanding its product lines into the Middle East, Lauren International has established relationships that are integral to its mission of sustaining growth and developing a presence within new, developing markets. Partnerships with sales agencies abroad enable Lauren International to provide customers within any Lauren division to access resources and industries in this region. 

South Korea & China

Established Channels

Building on longstanding relationships with partners and customers around the world, Lauren International has established itself as an industry thought-leader with a developing presence throughout Asia. As the South Korean and Chinese markets continue to develop their manufacturing bases, Lauren International has adapted to create innovative solutions for key industrial and building and construction customers while exploring further growth opportunities.



Industry Leadership

As Lauren International strengthens its partnerships with international distribution facilities and sales agencies, we develop our understanding of the unique market forces and challenges of areas such as Western Australia. This is essential for developing programs that support our customers entering this market. Specific target industries in this region include industrial drums and barrels, chemical, industrial, and building and construction.