Nurtured Pets™ Wins Industry Award | Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™ Chosen for Editors’ Choice Honors

Nov. 16, 2009

New Philadelphia, Ohio – (July 27, 2009) Pet Product News International, one of the top monthly business newsmagazines for the professional pet industry, selected Nurtured Pets’ Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™ as one of the best pet products of 2009. All 31 Editors’ Choice prize winners, selected from thousands of pet products that are produced annually, were featured in the August issue of the magazine.

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent, and the company’s veterinary products, Anti-Lick Strip Pro™ and Anti Lick Strip Pro C™, are the first products of their kind to effectively deter pets from licking, biting and chewing of hot spots and lick granulomas and post-surgical sites without the use of the traditional neck cones or E-collar.

“We are very pleased and honored to have received this award from Pet Product News,” said Cindy Miller, Marketing Director at Nurtured Pets. “Their ability to support advertisers through a publication that is respected in the industry for its professionalism as well as its strong editorial content is highly valued. The entire Nurtured Pets team has worked tirelessly to make retailers and veterinarians more aware of our wonderful line of clinically proven effective Anti-Lick Strip products. Pet Product News was there from the start and we value the relationship.”

Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™ is constructed with all-natural, active outfacing ingredients — including cayenne pepper, lemon powder, clove oil and oregano. A peel-and-stick, medical-grade adhesive backing allows for easy application. The bandage applies directly to the animal’s hair. When applied to the problem area on a dog or cat, the Anti-Lick Strip product delivers powerful natural deterrents to the animal’s nose and tongue. These ingredients help promote healing while lessening the chance of infection, inflammation or reopened wounds.

About Nurtured Pets

Nurtured Pets™ is dedicated to providing products that create a healthy lifestyle for pets. The company has introduced the first product of its kind to deter obsessive licking, biting and chewing. Clinically proven and formulated with all-natural active ingredients, products include: Anti-Lick Strip Prevent™ sold in retail stores, Anti-Lick Strip Pro™ and Anti-Lick Strip Pro C™ both sold exclusively to veterinarians. Nurtured Pets, a Lauren International, Inc., company, is an Ohio-based manufacturer. For more information, visit our website at or contact Nurtured Pets at 330.339.3373. Visit our parent company at


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