Lauren AgriSystems

Perfecting parlors with polymer products.

Established in 2002 to improve the health and productivity of dairy cows, Lauren AgriSystems has quickly evolved into a leading resource for total improvement in the dairy industry summed up so well in its tagline, “Perfecting parlors with polymer products.”

Having established a 400-cow dairy farm to closely monitor the impact of its products, Lauren AgriSystems has flourished to become the industry expert in dairy farm operations. In keeping with Lauren International’s philosophy of influencing change in markets, AgriSystems is altering attitudes in the dairy industry and aiming to raise the standard of acceptable animal health.

Having reported record sales in 2007 while expanding in the United States and Canada, AgriSystems has secured its position as market leader and solidified that role with groundbreaking research, emerging expertise and involvement in several international committees that shape the future of the dairy industry.

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Inside Lauren AgriSystems

Lauren AgriSystems Facility
The Lauren AgriSystems Facility is located in New Philadelphia, Ohio.
Lauren Tri-Circle® Silicone Liner
The Tri-Circle® Silicone Liner developed by Lauren AgriSystems has improved cow teat health and enhanced the comfort of cows during milking.
Liner Testing
Lauren Dairy tests their liners to constantly improve the way cows respond to milking. Silicone liners were developed to decrease vent clogging and increase cleanliness and longevity while providing a gentler process.
Lauren 607 Shell
The Lauren 607 Shell is designed for the Lauren Tri-Circle Silicone liner. It is made of polished stainless steel, with a rolled edge and flat shoulder for improved sealing.
Silicone Milk Hose
Made from 3-A approved silicone, silicone hosing promotes cleanliness with no cracking, remains flexible, maintains physical properties during cold weather and sustains a longer life.
Lauren AgriSystems' durable, flexible clear tubing provides excellent airflow and longevity.
Research Lab
Lauren AgriSystems' ongoing research, new product development and design and innovative dairy practices are implemented at its 400 active milking cow research dairy facility.
Global Reach

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May. 15, 2005
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